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Our business support includes being able to call upon our team to help with those difficult language items you may need processing.

Beyond the regular administrative service, we have relationships with various professional companies that can help you with business issues, from design, translation to legal accounting and HR professionals.

We are here to make your Tokyo office as easy as we can make it.

Serviced Offices in Tokyo Japan (Click on map to enlarge)
Yotsuya 3-chome Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0004
Call us now on: +81-3-4485-1725

Our Serviced Office Location

Our Kyobashi Tokyo serviced office is a 10 minute walk to Tokyo station and the Shinkansen, 32 minutes to Haneda on the Asakusa line, 70 minutes from Narita and within 500m of Shuto highway entrances - all vital for easily accessing clients beyond greater Tokyo. With 5 subway lines within 8 minutes’ walk of our office, access to metropolitan Tokyo from our managed office location in Tokyo is very convenient.


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